Welcome to Opendoors4U, a United Kingdom political and social digital archive.

This website is a project in progress that focuses on the provision of categorized and date ordered news articles, comments and reports relating to both U. K. political and social data that is available online, much in the way offered by regular search engines.

However, it's intention is to demonstrate that human management of digital data remains the only true option to properly provide sought after information as opposed to a drive to rely on intuitive computing, which I believe misses pertinent information.

This site demonstrates a genuine job of work for humans that is currently the domain of intuitive software. As a disabled individual I wanted to build something online that would highlight to all disabled folk what they can achieve using modern technology.

Now, with more than 100,000 links to news resources spanning at most 16 years Opendoors4U is already becoming a platform of knowledge that can genuinely help those seeking information.

This website is not intended to offer breaking news, it is focused on reflections of news already received by the British public. Sometimes I follow-up on a story that may be just hours old if I believe it has merit, otherwise I continue to dig for as much information as is available relating to events that happened weeks, months or years ago, in order to provide a clearer history about the reasons why a story is where it is today.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer an opportunity for on-site discussions because of limited time and resources.

NEW 10-5-2015

As a published international author of crime fiction (Allison & Busby (U.K.) and Skriftstallarnas (Sweden), I am offering writers an opportunity to present their work on the opendoors4u platform. I am looking for well written satirical comments and articles relating to U.K. politics, for more information go here.

This site was established as a digital archive in January 2014 and is one man's attempt at connecting the U.K.'s political dots through the use of journalism.
Robert Price (Webmaster)



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